Submissive Cuckold Cum Eating Assignments

CEI Phone Sex
As a Cuckold Phone Sex Queen, it’s no secret that I love cum.
Aside from a sticky, gooey, explosive creampie pussy finish, I love being on my knees, mouth wide open, pretty face turned to get every drop of that cum shower, facial, titty fuck, cum dripping all over me, I love it all.
When a man cums on a woman (or another man), he’s marking his territory, as an alpha male.
As a submissive male, when you see your girlfriend fucking another man, making noises for him that she never makes for you, and cumming harder than she ever did with you, it’s humiliating, but you still have a little fantasy that someday, you can make her cum like her big black bull.
But when you see your woman covered in cum, jizz all over her face, dripping between her tits, slippery spunk on her thighs, and creampie leaking out her stretched open pussy and gaped by black cock asshole, it’s a whole other level of cuckold humiliation.
The big black bull gets to ejaculate wherever and on whoever he wants, marking his territory with his cum, marking his partners as his.
Now, Cuckold, what does that say about you when this cuckold phone sex queen forces you to eat your own cum after you ejaculate, after I’ve savored the bull’s cum?
You are not allowed to mark anyone or anything with your cum, because you are inferior, that I want no trace of your pleasure on me, or on anything else.
And we both know that I am the Queen of Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex, don’t we?
Maybe I’ll make you a handfucker, making you spit and sniff and lick your hand as you fuck it, but I will require you to eat your cum after you explode, every last sticky drop.
If you are calling me from your car, I ay make you shoot that load of jizz all over the dashboard, and then lick it up, Bitch!
Do you sneak cuckold confession calls to me from work?
That desk looks like a great place for a cummy snack break, doesn’t it?
Maybe if you’re really lucky, I’ll make you shoot on my dirty panties or high heels, but no matter where you shoot, you are going to eat your own cum!
So many cum eating assignments for you, all you need to do is call me right now.
1 888 684 2825

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