BBC Cuckold Phonesex

I have been a very busy snow bunny recently, even more than usual, so for all my bbc cuckold phonesex men who have emailed me that I’m always busy when they need me, sorry, I can’t wait to make it up to you!
Cuckold Phonesex
So many men are obsessed with the idea of this sexy blonde who can’t get enough big black cock, and thats just the way this insatiable girl likes it!
You always had a cuckold craving for a thick blonde like me, maybe even having a hot wife, who loves to fuck other men who are bigger and better than you in every way, haven’t you?
Isn’t that why you made me your hot wife, because I am such a slutty blonde, we both know that a little thing like a wedding ring would never stop me from seeking out bbc orgasms, maybe I’ll try to hide the fact that I have a pussyfull of creampie from my new husband, or maybe not!
I know you’d love to have a cuckold vacation, suprising me with a trip to the Islands, did you really think through how much bbc would be around, all hard and hitting on your thick blonde wife, right in front of you!
And admit it, you love how beautiful and sexy your loving hot wife is, how flirty, she just can’t help how all these men hit on her, and when I tell you that I’ve been doing things behind your back, big things, you just can’t help but want to watch me and one of my bull lover’s right in front of you!
We always have such great cuckold roleplays together, turning you into my cuckold is what I enjoy so very much!
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Cuckolding Fantasies

Cuckold Fantasies 1 888 684 2825
It’s cold outside but I am warm and toasty and naked, with my name written on my sheets in cuckold creampie, my very favorite flavor, black on blonde.
Cuckold fantasies are on my mind.
I had a long, satisfying, strenuous night, and now I am lying here, cuckold creampie dripping out of my well fucked pussy, and I am more thinking out loud through my writing, than recording my cuckold calls.
Cuckolding fantasies can go in so many directions, depending on what this cuckoldress chooses.
The one thread that runs through most of my cuckold phonesex fantasies and real life cuckold escapades is that of the humiliated but thoroughly aroused cuckolded husband.
You have to admit, although it’s not a requirement, most men with a cuckold fetish fantasize about the surprise aspect of finding your wife fucking another man, as well as wanting to delve into the emotional masochism of cuckolding.
When it comes down to the basics, cuckolding is often a sexual rejection of the cuckold male, and what stronger cognitive dissonance is there than fetishizing sexual rejection and using it to feed your cuckolding needs?
And, there’s always the big black elephant in the room (see what I did there?).
In just about every cuckold relationship I’ve had, and I’ve had more than my share of cuckolding, there’s a strong undercurrent of competition for the female, but lust for the alpha male, both from myself and the cuckold.
Homoerotic may be too strong a connotation, but there is definitely an unacknowledged attraction, a desire to perform a submissive bisexual act, if not the willingness to realize “I may be bi-curious, I may prefer my own sex, but I am not comfortable with this and am much happier living in denial.”
But, no denying your cuckold phonesex fantasies, and that you want to be forced to suck big black cock.
And, just to mindfuck you a little bit more, one of the cuckolds I fuck has another theory as to why so many enjoy forced bi cuckolding.
Being in a marriage or long term relationship is an echo of the first relationship a man has, the mother son template.
But of course, while the infant is always faithful to the mother, the mother is of course not faithful to the son, but to another man, the bigger, stronger, larger father.
Ready for this cuckold mistress to construct a forced bi phonesex fantasy for you, lover?
Cuckold fantasies phonesex with a real life Cuckoldress.

It’s Not Your Baby – Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

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There are just so very many ways that I can get in your head and mind fuck you by cuckolding, and who doesn’t love a good mind fuck, especially when it’s with your favorite curvy cuckold queen?
And that’s why you are so addicted to me, there is just no other than can get in your head and satisfy you like me, is there?
And no one will exploit your secret cuckold fetish like me, because my secret is, I love and live the cuckold life every day.
How about we try this Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex fetish?
Getting home from a long day at work, you can’t wait to see your very curvy, very sexy girlfriend, who looks even hotter lately, tits even bigger, ass even bigger, makes you hard just thinking about that thick body that you can’t wait to stick your cock into.
Imagine me waiting for you, all ready to make love to you, making you harder than ever, when I whisper in your ear, there’s something that I just have to tell you.
Getting even harder, you wonder just what your sexy girl has planned for you, each time I suggest a new sexual experience, you’ve just wanted me even more, you can’t believe that this perfect woman is all yours’.
But that’s not entirely true, is it?
You put it out of your mind when your beautiful girlfriend whispers in your ear as you slide into me, that I’m pregnant.
You suspected, and bask in the happiness of being a father for all of a minute, when I whisper in your ear something that you can not believe.
As you feel that hot juicy pregnant pussy all around you, the words that humiliate and excite you at the same time, “It’s not your baby.”
And then as you thrust into my fertile pussy, I whisper that I think, not that I know but that I strongly suspect, that the Daddy is, well, black.
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