Ass licking Cuckold Phonesex Training

Ass licking Cuckold, is thinking about me making you my anal slut a turn on for you?
Ass Licking Cuckold
I have a great ass, nice and round and it gets a lot of attention, and do I ever work for that delicious derriere!
I am what’s known as a PAWG, you know, a phat ass white girl, the kind of sexy peach you want to take on vacation and get lost in on a hot beach.
Sure, I got the tits to match, and the little waist, and a black owned pussy, but it’s that ass that gets so much attention, so pretty, hot and tempting, I make yoga pants a lethal weapon.
It’s well known how much BBC loves big ass, but so many white men can’t get enough of my backside view, walking down the street with just a little g-string on so my ass claps under my little skirt, it’s enough to make you cum right then!
Working out at the gym is always an adventure, picture me right in front of you, doing a deep squat, that juicy ass going up and down, ass to grass, makes it hard to concentrate on anything else!
Or when I am on all fours, hands and knees doggystyle, titties bouncing, little breathless exhales, doing the kind of kicking exercises that give you a picture of how I look and sound getting fucked by bbc!
Just like I can tell when some of the secret forced bi men are checking out other men’s packages, I know when you are staring at my big ass.
When our eyes meet in the gym wall mirror, and you look away so fast, I know you like juicy white girl ass.
When I see you sneaking a peak at my big bouncy titties, and you blush, I know what you want.
When I leave the gym, and you are right behind me, so you can get a long look at the pretty hot and tempting butt, I know you are an ass man.
The other day, leaving the gym, this shy man made my ass licking cuckold radar go off, and I wasn’t going to let him off that easy.
I turned around on the way to my car, and asked:
Are you staring at my ass?
You can admit it, I’ll even give you my number.
I think you’re cute for a white boy, and I can tell you are a submissive, and I have plans for you.
I have a knack and talent for making white boys into bbc worshiping cucks, it’s the snow bunny in me.
Turning Into An Ass Licking Cuckold
I know what you crave, because it’s what I crave, and you want to make me happy.
I’ll date you, I’ll turn you on, I’ll make you edge with my sexy ass, but I won’t have sex with you.
This is how I train you, get you used to the idea that my pleasure always comes first, when I finally allow you to worship and eat my ass, you’ll fall more in love with me.
And when we go to the gym to work out, I’m going to get you used to the idea of me being with other men in front of you, by letting the bbc trainers rub up against me while they’re training me, my big ass rubbing against ebony boners, until I take one of them home to fuck while you watch.
It’s so erotic, sitting there, watching all the ways I fuck him, the way my ass hypnotizes you as I bounce up and down on that ebony dick, makes your mouth water.
And you can help out, especially with cleaning my ass.
Are you ready to be my ass licking cuckold?
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If I’m not around, you may always play with one of my hot girls, just make sure to tell me all about it when we do hook up!

How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You Phonesex

Ever sit there, stroking to the best cuckold phonesex blog ever, and ask yourself, how can I get my wife to cuckold me?
Cuckold Phonesex
Anything else, any other kinky fetish you have, you can laugh and joke about with your friends, but how do you tell anyone that you want to watch your wife fuck another man, right in front of you?
Sure, just about every man has a story of him running a train on a stripper at a bachelor party, or that time in college when they all had a turn with that one slutty sorority girl who wanted double penetration, but that’s not what you have in mind, you specifically want to watch your wife fuck another man, and you want to be there, none of your friends have ever told you bout a sexual experience like that!
But you, you want your wife to cuckold you, and I want to give you that push you need to make it happen!
We can make sure that when the two of you watch porn (you do watch porn with her, don’t you?) then it’s always filled with alpha males with big cocks and a hot slut wife who can’t get enough cock, and it wouldn’t be cuckold porn if there wasn’t a small cock white husband being made to sit right there and watch and his wife gets her first taste of bbc orgasms!
Make sure that you replace all her sex toys with new ones, that are much bigger than your dick. Bonus points if they’re all black, if you want her to make you an interracial cuckold.
Of course you find your wife hot, isn’t that why you want to watch her with other men? It’s the easiest thing in the world the next time you are in bed together, ask her what she fantasizes about, as you play with her breasts and use those new sex toys on her pussy, and when she returns the favor, you can slip in how you want to see another man fuck her pussy while you are underneath her, licking her clit!
It’s so devious, every time you make her cum, she’s going to have you whispering in her ear about a cuckold fantasy, soon, every time you even mention anything cuckold related, she’ll be wet and down to fuck!
You want to show her off to other men and make her wonder what it would be like to indulge in some cuckold fantasies of her own, so why not put a spin on the classic pretend my wife and I are strangers and just out for a casual hook up? It feels so much naughtier when there are other people around, who don’t know you are a married couple, maybe even go to a hotel bar and make comments like “I hope your husband doesn’t find out” or “Do you think he’s watching”, and see how much it turns her on.
Of course, so many women already have a secret sexual fantasy of being a cheating wife, or getting fucked by a stranger, so if you’ve followed my directions, all it’s going to take is the two of you going out looking for a random hook up, taking him home for whatever bar or club you two found him at, and then watching your wife get on her knees right in front of you, but this time, to get fucked by another man!
And you can tell me all about how you got your wife to cuckold you, or I can be your slut wife, just give me a call for the best cuckold phone sex ever!
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If I’m not around, you may always play with one of my hot girls, just make sure to tell me all about it when we do hook up!

GFE Cuckolding Phone Sex

So many of my long term cuckold phone sex men love for me to roleplay that I am their cheating wife or girlfriend the second we start speaking, I love when I know just from your name the best way for the two of us to roleplay a married and cheating fantasy!
Cuckold Phone Sex
I love being your slut wife or cheating girlfriend, and we can do an elaborate fantasy, or I can tell you from just what I have been doing all day while you were at work, telling you all about the day I spent cuckolding you.
When you walk in on me, it’s been a long day of sucking and fucking big bull cock’s, and now I’m on the last one, cum on my tits, face, dripping out my creampie pussy, all that’s missing is you kissing me while I suck this last nut out of those bbc balls.
Look at my pretty face, a load of cum on my lips, and when I smile with a cock in my mouth, you can’t help getting harder.
And when you see me ride that bull dick, my massive titties bouncing, my back arched, my eyes meting yours’ as I cum on another man’s cock right in front of you, you think then, there’s no way your cock could ever get harder, this is the best cuckolding fantasy ever.
And when my bull bends me over as I beg for him to fuck me doggy style, pretty face down, thick ass up in the air, when I push your face underneath me so you can see me fuck bbc without a condom, you are humiliated and aroused and never wanted me more, and of course, your GFE cuckold queen always makes it just a little bit better each time, it’s why no one else will ever satisfy you like I do.
And when I have you lick my clit as he fucks me, and ask you in that sexy voice to lick his balls, you do it, because I’m asking you to, you know it turns me on.
You want me to be happy, you love and adore your cuckold wife, and would do anything to make me happy, and what makes me happy is having a train of black cock run on me, all you ask is that I share that creampie pussy with you, and I’ll always come home just to you.
Are you ready for a date with your GFE Cuckold Queen?
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If I’m not around, you may always play with one of my hot girls, just make sure to tell me all about it when we do hook up!

Black Cock White Wife Phonesex

Cuckold Phonesex
Do you have black cock white wife phonesex fantasies?
I do, and I promise, there is no one better at making cuckold phonesex fantasies come true.
Are you enjoying looking at these big tits, thick ass, long legs, and feeling your cock get hard?
Having a really hot sexual fantasy about just what you would do if this cuckold queen was your girlfriend?
I have so many sexual fantasies that I want to share with you, cuckold.
And because I am pretty much only around for cuckold calls when I’m horny, well, you should really try me out right now, shouldn’t you?
Just think about when you come home after a long day at work, is there anything better than seeing your favorite cuckold queen sprawled back on our bed, long blonde curls a mess, long legs with the heels still on sprawled wide open, pretty face flushed, cum dripping out of everywhere, and hearing my sensual voice tease you with, “Hey babe, he just left, use his cum for lube and fuck my creampie pussy”?
It’s almost enough to make you shoot that load right then and there, but you know your cuckold phone sex queen, I have so much more planned for you, my cuckold, and I am so horny right now, we’re both going to love what comes next!
Because when I cuckold you, it’s about what this cuckold queen craves, isn’t it?
I am such a cum slut, we both know don’t don’t we, how much I detest condoms.
I need that feeling, not only of cum shooting into my pussy, but that skin on skin feel of cock sliding into my hot tight pussy, and we both know condoms really interfere with fucking.
And you love that I’m such a slut for cum, and that you never know just what’s going to happen when you walk in the door.
How about I take this used cum filled sticky pussy and sit right on your cock, while you lick another man’s cum off my huge tits?
Call me so that I can cuckold you as only I can.
1 888 684 2825, $2.50 per minute, ten minute minimum with a $4 connection fee, discretely billed to your major credit card, cuckold phonesex humiliation calls are sold in blocks of ten, you can extend for as long as you desire, but most find thirty minutes the perfect length of time to indulge with me.
If I’m not around, you may always play with one of my hot girls, just make sure to tell me all about it when we do hook up!

BBC Cuckold Phonesex

I have been a very busy snow bunny recently, even more than usual, so for all my bbc cuckold phonesex men who have emailed me that I’m always busy when they need me, sorry, I can’t wait to make it up to you!
Cuckold Phonesex
So many men are obsessed with the idea of this sexy blonde who can’t get enough big black cock, and thats just the way this insatiable girl likes it!
You always had a cuckold craving for a thick blonde like me, maybe even having a hot wife, who loves to fuck other men who are bigger and better than you in every way, haven’t you?
Isn’t that why you made me your hot wife, because I am such a slutty blonde, we both know that a little thing like a wedding ring would never stop me from seeking out bbc orgasms, maybe I’ll try to hide the fact that I have a pussyfull of creampie from my new husband, or maybe not!
I know you’d love to have a cuckold vacation, suprising me with a trip to the Islands, did you really think through how much bbc would be around, all hard and hitting on your thick blonde wife, right in front of you!
And admit it, you love how beautiful and sexy your loving hot wife is, how flirty, she just can’t help how all these men hit on her, and when I tell you that I’ve been doing things behind your back, big things, you just can’t help but want to watch me and one of my bull lover’s right in front of you!
We always have such great cuckold roleplays together, turning you into my cuckold is what I enjoy so very much!
And when I’m doing what I do best, getting fucked by a bull right in front of you, to please me, you’ll take a taste of that chocolate cock, won’t you?
Call me,
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Cuckold Phonesex is $2.50 per minute, sold in ten minute blocks with a one time $4 connection fee.
Can’t wait to play with you!

Married and Cheating Cuckold Phonesex

Cuckold Phonesex
Hey there to all the sexy cuckold phonesex men, I can’t wait until you are underneath me, licking, tasting, cleaning up some creampie from my freshly fucked pussy!
Now can I ask you something?
When you’re thinking about how sexy your wife is, do you ever fantasize about her fucking another man, or a bunch of other men?
Wondering if she is out cheating with other men behind your back?
Stroking right now at the image of your cheating wife undressing in a hotel room for her bull lover, ready to ride some bbc?
And if you asked her nicely, like a good little submissive, maybe she would even allow you to watch?
I love providing just a little cuckold humiliation, I promise, it’ll make you cum even harder!
If you have a cheating like myself, maybe you strongly suspect she has cheated (or maybe just fantasize she has) and wonder if she is married and cheating but she just hasn’t told you about her hot wife ways yet.
I know it gets you hard, wondering about cuckolding or if she’s married and cheating, it’s erotic, humiliating, even a little scary, because when you are trying to decide if you like being in the cuckold lifestyle, you also wonder if your wife has already made you a creampie clean up boy.
How does it feel, knowing that each time you are going down on this bald pussy, you may be cleaning up her bull’s cum?
When you call me for cuckold phonesex, I am going to assume you’re married, and you love the idea of your wife cheating on you with other men, sometimes a whole lot of men!
I love being a slut wife, and I am going to encourage you to embrace cuckolding, to let your wife have all the sexual freedom and big bull cocks her pussy can handle, because you just have to accept that to be a good submissive, you not only accept that your wife is having orgasms from someone else, you are going to accept your role as her fluffer.
Phonesex cuckolding with me means you are going to honor, love and obey your wife, just like you promised when you married her, by being open and giving her permission to cheat on you over and over again, by doing everything you can for her.
As her cuckold, you will help her pick out her dates with bull cocks, show how much you love her by helping her get ready for her lovers, because you admit that other men can sexually satisfy her, especially with bbc orgams, in ways you never in a million years could even dream of!
You’re a good faithful fluffer husband, and you can show her by getting her pussy wet for her lover with your tongue, and then clean her creampie sticky pussy up after, because that’s what you are.
And while I’m in control as your cuckold phonesex queen, you et to decide just how much cuckold humiliation you can handle, some like a lot, some like just a little, I promise with me, you’ll always be satisfied.
1 888 684 2825
$2.50 per minute, ten minute minimum but we both know, you’ll want to be under my spell for a lot longer than that, don’t we?
All credit cards accepted, just ask for me, if I’m out getting fucked by bbc, you can play with one of my sexy friends, and tell me about it after.

Cuckold Creampie Clean Up with Monica Mandingo

Cuckold Phonesex
Cuckold Phone Sex is always the best way to spend some time, and I have so many interracial cuckolding stories to share with you.
Last night, I was out at a club, and as you know if you know me, I had a big black cock inside me.
And I am lying back in bed, sticky fresh creampie all ready to be cleaned, does that make your mouth water and your cock harden, cuckold?
The image of this curvy big titty blonde on white sheets, legs spread, smiling as I push your head down between my long legs to that cum filled pussy?
Want to hear a little more of my black cock cuckold escapades?
Because, not only am I big black cock addict, but I love turning men into my bbc cuckolds!
You see, I love when I am the star of your cheating wife fantasies, I want to be the only woman you desire, what can I say, being a diva goes hand in hand with being a cuckold queen!
The thought of you waiting at home for me, just like my cuckold did last night, stroking, playing with my panties, having me send him pics of me out at the club, wondering what time I’ll come home and if I’m going to bring a bull to fuck me in front of you, or a dripping creampie pussy for you to clean up?
As my loving cuckold, you should be ready, willing, able to do anything I ask of you, especially when I come home from a hard night of bbc fucking my blonde pussy.
So when I come home, undress me like a good boy, and then lie back on the bed.
I am going to sit on your face and you’re going to be on creampie clean up duty, and you are going to lick up every drop, doing what you do best!
Ready for the best cuckold phonesex ever?
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Cuckold Phonesex Humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex
Hello there, Cuckold, are you wondering just what I’m doing right now?
If I’m all by myself, or if I’m getting fucked hard, making noises for someone else that I’ve never made for you?
Doesn’t it drive you crazy, wondering if your cheating girlfriend is still fucking any of her ex-boyfriends?
Especially if her ex-boyfriend has a huge black cock?
You know what they say, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, but did you ask yourself if that extends to thick busty blondes who you started out just wanting to fuck, but somehow became the most important person to you ever?
The cuckold humiliation of knowing that your beautiful thick girlfriend is still friends with her Ex, remains friends with all of her Ex boyfriends, especially the ones with big black cocks.
Lying in bed at night, arms wrapped around your beautiful girlfriend, do you wonder if I’m thinking about the big black cock of boyfriends past?
Do you wonder who is putting the smile on my pretty face when I glance at my phone?
When I come home late at night, and kiss you, do you wonder if you’re the one making my pussy so creamy, or you are eating a creampie pussy?
When you slide balls deep into that perfect bald pussy, do I feel roomier than usual?
And why does the thought of you sliding your cock into a cuckolded pussy make you so much harder?
When you slide your tongue into my mouth, are we sharing a cuckold snowball?
Why does this make your cock so hard?
And do you think your cheating girlfriend would ever let you watch?
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Best cuckold phonesex ever, $2.50 per minute with a ten minute minimum, I promise, you’ll become addicted to this cuckold phonesex queen.

Cuckold Phonesex Confession Adult Chatlines

Adult Chatlines Cuckold Phonesex
Is there something you want to share with your favorite cuckold phone sex queen?
Like, what is the most humiliating cuckold fantasy you want to experience?
Because if you are constantly having sexual fantasies about the sexiest fetish ever, cuckolding, then you need to tell your sexy girl all about it now, don’t you?
When men call me for cuckolding, many want to tell me just what they suspect their hot wife is doing, and I love hearing all about what you suspect your wife is doing, or even what you just wish she was!
I will never judge you for wanting your wife to fuck other men, especially big black cock, well, not unless you are into cuckold humiliation!
After all, there is a lot of sexual fantasies you can share with your friends,as long as they are totally vanilla and good old boy approved.
Getting off thinking about fucking your sister in law while your wife eats her pussy will get you a smile and thumbs up from your work buddy, but how are you going to tell anyone how you have intense cuckold humiliation fantaises about being forced to be a bitch made cuckold fluffer for your wife’s bull?
Sharing a beer and telling the boys how your wife likes getting her ass spanked over the knees while she calls you Daddy will get you high fived, but telling how you want to be tied up and forced to suck the creampie out of your wife’s just fucked by black cock pussy will freak them all out, so who can you share cuckold humiliation fantasies with?
That’s there the best cuckold confession phone sex line ever comes in, you can always call me for cuckold confessions phonesex, because not only have I heard it all, I live the cuckold life, have been black owned since I started fucking, and I get your cuckold fetish, because cuckolding is my favorite kink, as well!
Are you ready to do a cuckold confession call where you tell me the most humiliating cuckolding you’ve ever experienced?
Call 1 888 684 2825 for the best cuckold confession phone sex line you will ever experience.

Anal Creampie Phone Sex

Body Worship Phonesex
Hey there all you sexy cuckold men!
And I just wanted to say a great big thank you, I got a nice surprise this morning, I woke up and there was a special delivery just waiting for me!
Always love presents, especially flowers, I promised to be discreet but I know Cuckold R reads here, so thank you for the fifty red roses off my Amazon Wish List, you know me so well!
And let me tell you just what I was doing last night.
I love all things big, extra large if I can get it, and I do get it.
Can’t you tell just by looking at my curves?
You see, I have a big ass, and I love to have my fat ass worshiped.
I’m the definition of thick, big ass, tiny little waist, legs that go on for days, huge tits, and I’m definitely the kind of girl you need to spend a lot of time and attention on.
And that goes for pleasing me in every way, of course I’m a cuckold phone sex queen, no one does cuckolding better, but there are so many other delicious fetish interests that please me.
And do I take it in the ass?
Oh yes I do, I love anal, what thick bottomed girl doesn’t?
And to get my thick ass all ready for a big fat cock, what better way than what the man I fucked last night did, put me on my belly, spread my long ass leg, put a pillow under my hips, spread my fat ass cheeks, and give me a rim job that left me breathless and begging for him to fuck my ass!
That fat white ass got fucked by big black cock until he shot that load, and left a nasty, sticky, fat ass creampie mess.
Want a taste of the big cum filled white ass?
Yes, yes you do.
Call me,
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